Estate planning with the new tax laws

The new tax laws have a lot of heads spinning.

Eric Christoffersen gave us his perspective on what to expect will change under the new tax laws and how to make sure your clients are properly prepared.


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Secure Lifetime GUL



Do you have clients that might like a GUL with an ROP feature?

Would a chronic illness rider bring added value to life insurance for your customers?

Check out the latest edition of the BREW to learn about a unique product that has some special feature that could benefit your business.


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What does it take to be a leader?

COL David Teeples (USA RET) joins the BREW for a discussion on the elements of leadership.

Whether you’re trying to find the talent in your team or embrace your own capabilities this interview has some great insights.

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Use an FIA to solve the retirement healthcare cost problem

We all know healthcare costs keep going up.

Additionally in retirement the costs of Medicare part B are inescapable.

What can you do to help your clients plan ahead for these costs?

Watch and learn about a unique product from Allianz to help your clients prepare.


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Power of 3


Do your clients like to save time?

Would you appreciate seeing an application get completed within 2 weeks of submission?

Does an accumulation-focused life insurance policy have potential benefits for your practice?

Would automated income in retirement years from your supplemental plans be appealing to your clientele?

Watch the BREW rerun of the Power of 3 to see how Principal’s processes can simplify the experience and benefit your clients long term.

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Diffusing the tax bomb

Do you have clients with qualified annuities that they expect to pass on rather than spend?

Does the LIFO method of distribution leave your clients expecting to give Uncle Sam more than his fair share of their inheritance? Do you  want a solution that can protect your clients and keep the asset on your book?

John Florance shares his knowledge on a proprietary product that can solve this problem for your clients and grow your business on the BREW.

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Express Underwriting at Protective

We may lose an hour every spring, but here is a way to get some of that lost time back.

Express Underwriting at Protective will save time for you and your clients.

For healthy clients you can skip the paramed and get business issued in record time.

Tune in to learn more!

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Business Valuation Tools

Jason Jafferis of Prudential special guest hosted the BREW to show us the simple business valuation tool available for free to our producers.

If you have business clients starting with an accurate assessment of value can help guide your planning discussions.


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Estate Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Eric Christoffersen guest hosted the Weekly BREW and shared his experiences with “Real Life Estate Planning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them.”

Don’t let your clients fall victim to a lack of planning. If their wishes are not clearly laid out they could fall victim to unscrupulous relatives or former spouses.

Watch the BREW rerun for some case examples for why reviewing plans regularly can be so important.


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Lessons Learned through Mergers and Acquisitions

Special Guest Matthew Cuplin joins the BREW for an intimate discussion.

Get the benefit of experience by tuning in the the recording or this insightful discussion.


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