Income focused annuities

Will a reduction in social security payments in the future be a cost your clients can’t afford?

There is a new Income focused FIA now available from Protective.

Eric Backman guest hosted the weekly BREW to give an overview of the newest product.

Is this a good fit for your clients looking to supplement their retirement income?

Tune in and find out about the latest available product.

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A conversation on elder law

ISG is here to make life insurance simple in as many ways as we can.

One of those ways is by introducing you to experts in our field and related fields who can help your practice to be as successful as possible.

Eric Christoffersen joined us this week to share his experience with elder law and estate planning.

Being great can also mean knowing when and where to seek help.

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BOLD presentations

Do you find starting the conversation with clients difficult? Is it even more challenging when those clients are business owners?

This episode of the BREW features a tool to help start the conversation on the value and services you can provide to your business owner clients.

Our team is happy to help you get started having these difficult conversations and growing your business at the same time.

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Carrier attitudes towards Marijuana usage

We would all love every client to be in perfect health with no questionable habits.

Unfortunately we can’t always get what we want. We can, however, get life insurance for some clients even with admitted usage.

As social views have slowly changed so too have carrier attitudes. Want to know what we can do? Watch the most recent edition of the BREW to find out.

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The Quick Ticket

The fastest way to take a paper app is also a way to reap some of the benefits of e-apps.

Watch this edition of the BREW where we go over the basics of the quick ticket process and learn how to become the fastest app writer this side of the Mississippi.


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Annuity Tactics

Do you need help reviewing your old cases?

Do you know how much your clients will pay in fees on their existing variable annuities?

Did you buy a book of business without really knowing the details?

Your clients might benefit from a more thorough look at their portfolios.

You might also like being able to outsource this particular task.

Annuity Tactics offers an outside objective look at your existing book and is powered by ISG.

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A month on the road

What can be learned from travelling to conferences throughout the country for an entire month?

What makes us think One America has the best product on the market for 2 lives to get covered?

When does Prudential have the right choice for IUL and VUL products?

Why might your clients want to look at Great American’s American Legend 7 product?

What are the results of asking anyway, even when you are sure the answer will be no?

The BREW is here to answer all of these questions and more.


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7 Minute Apps!

You can grow your practice in very little time if you know how to do it.

Let our team guide you to a quick and easy way to make your practice more profitable while getting your clients covered.

Refocus the conversation with your existing appointments and see growth without even spending more time.

Watch the rerun here and learn about the 7 minute app concept:


Need more information? Contact our office!

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Qualified Plans 3: Retirement Planning for Women

Women face unique challenges in the workplace which can translate to unique challenges in retirement planning.

Paul Stang joins us for a third installment of the BREW covering some of the differences that matter when helping women plan for retirement.

Help your clients to prepare appropriately by being aware of the obstacles they face. Watch the rerun here:

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Qualified Plans 2: Plan Design

When helping clients with their retirements plans there are multiple steps to consider.

In this edition of the BREW, Paul Stang shares his insight regarding plan design.

Want to learn more? We’re happy to make an introduction.

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