Express Underwriting at Protective

We may lose an hour every spring, but here is a way to get some of that lost time back.

Express Underwriting at Protective will save time for you and your clients.

For healthy clients you can skip the paramed and get business issued in record time.

Tune in to learn more!

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Business Valuation Tools

Jason Jafferis of Prudential special guest hosted the BREW to show us the simple business valuation tool available for free to our producers.

If you have business clients starting with an accurate assessment of value can help guide your planning discussions.


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Estate Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Eric Christoffersen guest hosted the Weekly BREW and shared his experiences with “Real Life Estate Planning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them.”

Don’t let your clients fall victim to a lack of planning. If their wishes are not clearly laid out they could fall victim to unscrupulous relatives or former spouses.

Watch the BREW rerun for some case examples for why reviewing plans regularly can be so important.


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Lessons Learned through Mergers and Acquisitions

Special Guest Matthew Cuplin joins the BREW for an intimate discussion.

Get the benefit of experience by tuning in the the recording or this insightful discussion.


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Juvenile Coverage Basics


Do you know where to start when getting coverage for juveniles?

Watch this edition of the Weekly BREW to learn more.

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MTL’s offerings on the Weekly Brew


Special guest Kip Walker joins the Brew to discuss MTL’s Horizon Guarantee.

Looking for a product with a guarantee behind it? Watch the BREW rerun to see if MTL has the right product for your clients.

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Often Overlooked Veterans Benefits


Do you have client’s who are veterans?

Have you personally served in the armed forces?

Would free education credits be a benefit for you or your clients?

Watch the recording of the BREW included here to learn about some benefits that are available to aid veterans and their families in accessing higher education. Help these special clients spend less and save more by being conscious of what is available.



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Sequence of Returns in Retirement

Do your clients have a plan for supplementing their retirement when there is a market downturn?
Planning on alternate sources of funds before retiring can help clients enjoy their golden years knowing that their future is secure.

Jason Jafferis of Prudential shares one method to bridge the income gap in retirement. By choosing the right source of funds at the right time clients can enjoy a more secure nest egg.


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Aid And Attendance

Are you familiar with the “Aid and Attendance” benefit for veterans?

Do you know about how to determine eligibility?

Would an additional LTC benefit for your client ease the burden on their family or allow them to take beneficial financial actions?

Watch our weekly BREW rerun below to get an overview of some key points of this benefit.


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The future at North American

Watch our video to get a preview of the new features coming to North American.

John Lulay joined the BREW to give us a sneak peek of the  latest features to grow business.



Giving you advanced looks is just one more way we are here to make life simple.





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