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A few carriers have announced new rates coming.


If you would like more information about any of these products be sure to contact ISG. If you already have a client in mind don’t forgot to reach out to make sure you have the newest version of paperwork including the newest disclosure forms. As always ISG is here to help.

The  carrier bulletins are included below.


 North American Company:
  Client Need: Fixed Index Annuity Solution:  
  Accumulation Potential NAC RetireChoice® 10 Performance Choice® 8  
  $250,000 or more
  S&P 500® Annual Point-to-Point Index Cap Rate  
  $250,000 or more
  S&P 500® Monthly Point-to-Point Index Cap Rate  
  Income Potential NAC IncomeChoice® 10  
S&P 500® Annual Point-to-Point Participation Rate
(No Traditional Cap,
$250,000 or more)
  • Great rates can build potential for competitive income
  • 2% roll-up and 150% of the dollar amount of interest credited1
  • No additional rider charge2
(May be subject to
premium bonus
North American Charter® Plus 10  
  7.00% High Band Premium Bonus3  
5.00% Low Band Premium Bonus
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Rates effective 8-8-17!

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 Great American Insurance Group:
Aug 03, 2017

Product News



Rate Increases Effective August 7, 2017!


Great news! Rates are increasing for the products below effective August 7, 2017! Please see the rate chart for more details.

  • American Legend III fixed-indexed annuity
  • SecureGain 5 fixed annuity
  • SecureGain 7 fixed annuity

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