The Key to Social Media Marketing

Question: What’s the Key to Social Media?

Answer: I have no idea.

Seriously, social media marketing in our industry is challenging for a myriad of reasons and one of them is Authenticity.  If you have a company page and you’re relying solely on that as a means to market, you’re not being truly authentic with your audience.

That being said, I might have a solution to a lack of authenticity.  Use your story on your own page.  If you’re a member of our Facebook Group, you may have seen a series of memes that I posted to share.  They were all focused on life insurance and sarcasm.  Yes, sarcasm and life insurance can actually coexist, and they do so successfully.

The overarching theory in social media marketing is to stay top-of-mind with your audience.  In order to stay top-of-mind, one must generate likes, shares and conversations.  Over the last month, I have been using my own Facebook page as a testing area for some ideas that I’ve had about social media and marketing to see if I can generate just that.  February is a great time to test the waters on this because Life Happens creates tons of the content that you need as a part of their Insure Your Love Campaign, and most importantly, that campaign creates a reason to be visible and present in your audience’s newsfeed.

I’ve had two big takeaways this last month and one of them is that memes are definitely a “thing”.  But not just the memes, my perspective plus the memes have created traction.  When it comes to social media marketing on Facebook, I’ve had more likes and shares on posts about life insurance this last month using memes, and my own perspective than our own company page has had all year.  (To be fair, it is only February)

The first meme that I used was Leonardo DiCaprio, raising a champagne toast in the Great Gatsby:  gatsby

This got people’s attention,it drew people in and then they read my additional message: “Here’s an interesting fact: 80% of people overestimate the cost of life insurance. That doesn’t mean that the other 20% got it right though….”  Sarcasm and life insurance, they do work together!

This started a conversation, generated shares and lead to a friend of mine calling me and asking about life insurance, which turned into an hour long conversation.  Now, the key to learning is repetition, and I needed to see if this was a fluke or if it was duplicatable.  Thus, I moved on to my next meme:  office space

Accompanied by this “Did you know that your group life insurance benefit offered through work is not portable? Meaning, it does not come with you when you either quit, get laid off or fired. Isn’t that something that you should make sure you’re in control of for the sake of your family?”  And wouldn’t you know it?  Same response on Facebook and this time my neighbor called, told me he only had “life insurance through work, what should I do?”  Well neighbor, we need to get you some life insurance!

Now, there are only so many life insurance themed memes in the world to go around and too many might not seem all that authentic to your audience.  Maybe even 1 meme would seem inauthentic to your audience.  What then?

My second big takeaway for the month is that I’ve seen success with my story plus relevant statistics.  Life Happens creates “Infostats” with industry statistics that they’ve compiled in concert with LIMRA to help consumers better understand life insurance.  However, that isn’t enough.  The best way to educate consumers is through a passionate salesforce (that’s you) and that’s why they encourage you to share these infostats on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  That being said, simply posting an infostat and walking away won’t generate the traction that you want, you need to include your authentic voice.  What does that look like?  This:Disney Stat + AJ

“I love Disney World; it truly is a magical place! I was overwhelmed when we took AJ there for the first time. I had never been before and I was nearly tearful walking into the Magic Kingdom (nearly, not quite).

I also love my wife and son and if I am not around to take them to the Magic Kingdom, I know that they can still go.”

It’s not enough to just post the Life Happens piece, you have to tell your story and get people to understand your perspective.  Here’s how this works:

  • Your friend sees a picture with some numbers and what might be Cinderella’s castle and something about life insurance…and they keep scrolling. of.story.
  • Or… your friend sees a picture of your son, looking at Goofy adoringly in front of Town Hall at the Magic Kingdom and stops what they’re doing. “What’s this?” they say, “That is adorable!” they say.  Then they wonder what this other picture is and they actually read the words, the numbers and YOUR REASON for posting it.
  • What happens next? They call you, because they’re going to Disney in three weeks and they just got their lapse notice on their term policy and need to revisit their life insurance coverage.  True story, because that is what happened to me.

Memes, sarcasm, my story and life insurance actually get along quite nicely!  I don’t proclaim to have answers on social media marketing, but hopefully my experience this last month can be of some help.  We have resources for consumer approved social media content through various carriers and I’m here to help if you want to bounce ideas off of me.



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