Prudential Has Eapps

Prudential is now offering Eapp submission for all single life products.

Jason Jafferis was kind enough to host the BREW and give us the details.

If you are interested in submitting an application via Prudential’s new electronic submission check out the recording or contact ISG.

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Premium Deposit Accounts

Here at ISG we try to share the newest features and benefits from our carrier partners with all of you.

On the latest edition of the BREW, Nicole Frize joined us to talk about premium deposit accounts at North American.

Tune in to get the details.


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Employee Retention Strategies

Business owners have 1 huge fear; losing key members of their organization.

Principal financial has some options to prevent good employees from leaving.

Watch the BREW recording below to learn about ways that your clients can protect their business and rest easy at night.

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LIAM resources

Life Insurance Awareness Month is almost over.

Don’t let you clients ignore their need, remind them or the importance of getting coverage with the resources we shared on the BREW.

Having enough insurance looks good all year long, not just when we’re talking about it.

The video we wanted you to see can be found here.

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Life Insurance Concepts

Do your clients want more from their life insurance?

Besides features like cash value growth and chronic illness riders on permanent policies a lot of people are not aware of the options available to them.

Clients might be swayed into getting coverage sooner if they know that features like return of premium exist.

Watch the most recent edition of the BREW to learn about some of the extra offerings you may not have thought of before.

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Upgrade your Term Offerings

North American has officially made their term coverage more robust with extra features.

If you are focused only on cost you are engaged in a race to the bottom.

Sell valuable products to your clients by being well versed in the available options and giving them the robust coverage they really need.


For extra inspiration check out


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Income focused annuities

Will a reduction in social security payments in the future be a cost your clients can’t afford?

There is a new Income focused FIA now available from Protective.

Eric Backman guest hosted the weekly BREW to give an overview of the newest product.

Is this a good fit for your clients looking to supplement their retirement income?

Tune in and find out about the latest available product.

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A conversation on elder law

ISG is here to make life insurance simple in as many ways as we can.

One of those ways is by introducing you to experts in our field and related fields who can help your practice to be as successful as possible.

Eric Christoffersen joined us this week to share his experience with elder law and estate planning.

Being great can also mean knowing when and where to seek help.

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BOLD presentations

Do you find starting the conversation with clients difficult? Is it even more challenging when those clients are business owners?

This episode of the BREW features a tool to help start the conversation on the value and services you can provide to your business owner clients.

Our team is happy to help you get started having these difficult conversations and growing your business at the same time.

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Carrier attitudes towards Marijuana usage

We would all love every client to be in perfect health with no questionable habits.

Unfortunately we can’t always get what we want. We can, however, get life insurance for some clients even with admitted usage.

As social views have slowly changed so too have carrier attitudes. Want to know what we can do? Watch the most recent edition of the BREW to find out.

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