The Strategy Selector Tool

Ever wanted to see a breakdown of how various indexes have performed?

Global Atlantic will allow you to do just that, using their strategy selector tool.

See what insights are available by tuning in to the BREW.

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Executive Bonus Strategies

The number 1 fear for many business owners is losing employees.

Valerie Staublin guest hosted the BREW and brought LFG’s solution to keep top employees in their current position.

Help your business owner clients while growing your own business.


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Tools for the P&C focused advisor

Help your clients with all of their needs by using the free tools available through partnerships like Principal.

Mason McKinnie walks us through some of the great tools made free for Principal’s advisors.


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Cost of Care

Long Term Care costs are often expressed as averages in our industry. This can be impractical given that costs can vary greatly based on where you live and the type of care needed.

The reality is that the average is unlikely to be the right amount of coverage for anyone.

On this edition of the BREW we feature show you how to estimate the true cost of care.

Better information will help your clients make better decisions.

As always, if you want to know more please reach out to the ISG team.

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The Silver Brick Road

Silver Brick Road is a website that gives a clearer picture of the potential costs and challenges of covering long term care.

You know that your clients probably don’t have coverage, but do you know how much coverage they actually need?

For long term care awareness month we wanted to feature some of the great tools available to help your clients get the right coverage. Silver Brick road is one of the tools available to get good information about the true cost of care.

If you would like to learn more please contact the ISG team.

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Get to know MoneyGuard

One of the products we’ve been using for a long time to cover both life and LTC needs is the MoneyGuard from Lincoln.

David Bidwell from Lincoln joined us to give an overview of how this product works and the benefits available.

If you are looking for a way to incorporate LTC coverage into your practice ask ISG to help you quote MoneyGuard.

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LTC needs covered with an eapp

OneAmerica offers a great product for hybrid life and LTC coverage.

This week we invited Jordan Fields to walk us through the eapp method to get access to this product.

You can simplify your practice while offering more options by getting comfortable with electronic applications.

Watch the BREW rerun to see how simple it really is.

ISG would be happy to guide you in offering this product to your clients.


Looking for more information? The links below are additional resources from the carrier.

Ticket Process – New Business Submission(video)

Ticket Process – Recorded Webinar(video)

I-30914 New Ticket Process Detailed 

I-27281 Prescreening Form

I-27256 Underwriting Guidelines

I-30110 Understanding the Underwriting Interview

I-30385 Asset Care Ineligible Conditions

I-30905 Annuity Care Ineligible Conditions

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The Horizon Blend

Mutual Trust Life has just rolled out a new product.

You already know there’s value in permanent coverage, and that your clients probably need term.

The Horizon Blend from MTL is a blend of both, allowing your clients to get all the coverage they need in one package.

Watch the BREW rerun to get the details on features and benefits.


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Prudential Has Eapps

Prudential is now offering Eapp submission for all single life products.

Jason Jafferis was kind enough to host the BREW and give us the details.

If you are interested in submitting an application via Prudential’s new electronic submission check out the recording or contact ISG.

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Premium Deposit Accounts

Here at ISG we try to share the newest features and benefits from our carrier partners with all of you.

On the latest edition of the BREW, Nicole Frize joined us to talk about premium deposit accounts at North American.

Tune in to get the details.


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