Aid And Attendance

Are you familiar with the “Aid and Attendance” benefit for veterans?

Do you know about how to determine eligibility?

Would an additional LTC benefit for your client ease the burden on their family or allow them to take beneficial financial actions?

Watch our weekly BREW rerun below to get an overview of some key points of this benefit.


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The future at North American

Watch our video to get a preview of the new features coming to North American.

John Lulay joined the BREW to give us a sneak peek of the  latest features to grow business.



Giving you advanced looks is just one more way we are here to make life simple.





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Tools for Agribusiness Succession Planning

Jessman Smith from Principal shares tools for agribusiness succession planning.

Help your clients keep the family farm in the family by planning ahead.



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Are you generating 80 percent of your business from 20 percent of your clients? Special guest Matthew Pletzer joins the Weekly Brew with KARE.

Learn methods to focus on and cultivate more like the top 20 percent to see your business grow.  Keep, Attain, Recapture and Expand in your ideal market.



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Sales ideas to finish the year strong

As we approach the end of the year there is still time to finish the year on a good note.

Special guest Adam Wall from Protective shares his ideas for a strong 4th quarter.

While we are bringing you these ideas late in the year, they are good for the whole year.

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Creative uses for small survivorship life

Watch our latest BREW for solutions to  get some ideas little known uses for survivorship life insurance.

  • Get creative with survivorships!
  • Efficient funding for life insurance and passing on assets to future generations.
  • Combine a small survivorship with a QLAC for added benefits.
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Hybrid Solutions to funding LTC


Long Term care costs can derail an otherwise carefully planned retirement.

Our guest, James Romero from One America, shares one solution to cover these costs and protect your clients.

Watch the included video to get a brief overview of how hybrid solutions can cover your clients for LTC without losing the funds if they never need care.

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